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Works on Paper

As part of a study abroad program through MCAD. I was lucky enough to study painting at a small art college in the tiny town of Ballyvaugn, on the north Atlantic coast of Ireland.

If you've ever been to Ireland, then you may have experienced firsthand their legendary weather - sunny and mellow one moment - torrential rains and punishing winds the next. If one hopes to paint the landscape there plein air, then one has to adapt.

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I began a practice of priming and toning heavy paper and bringing a limited palette of mixed oil color out with me in order to execute very quick studies, just the most immediate impressions of color and temperature really, and from these sketches I would create my studio paintings.

I feel in love with this method and it is a practice that I still continue to use to this day. Sometimes I love these sketches more than the finished studio painting, for it is in the sketch that I am reminded of what drew me to that particular vista in the first place, recorded in its most immediate, impactful and unfiltered way.