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About Me

My life can be divided roughly into two parts: life before art, and life after art.

When I went to college the first time, I majored something then called, “Soviet Studies”, which, as it sounds, was a major made up of all things Russian-history, geography, literature, the language etc. You’d never know it to look at me now, but at the time I was quite the little radical. I wanted to live in a socialist society, so I took a job at the American embassy in Moscow for a year, hoping while there to find a job for myself outside the embassy structure once my tour was done. Which I did. I found a job in the first ever joint-venture high school in Moscow, teaching American and British history to Russian kids. I loved it so much I stayed another six years.

I had many memorable adventures in Russia, but the perhaps the most impactful thing that happened to me there was I met a Soviet citizen who was a sculptor. He would take me to all the great museums in Moscow and tell me all about the artists we were looking at-their histories, their concepts and methods etc., and I would stand beside him listening, enchanted.

That began a love affair between me and art that has never wavered. My sculptor friend and I broke up, the wall came down, the Soviet Union crumbled, and I returned home. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, my expertise on the subject was, ahem, not especially useful, but my experiences in Russia had planted a seed. After some time spent at odd jobs, I decided to go back to school and get a formal art education.

In addition to making art, I also teach at the same college I graduated from and feel daily blessed to be doing so. I love to entertain and cook, (I have a cooking blog on YouTube called, “ Sarah’s Real Food Kitchen ”, if you’re interested) am a voracious reader, and love riding my bike.